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Skye made sure to be careful as she navigated the outside of Fusion Buttercup's lair, the ground completely coated by fusion matter, save for some few platforms that were easy to navigate with a few well-timed jumps. However, any other way in was blocked off by more of the fusion matter, save for a teleport platform that had seaweed-like tendrils made of fusion matter growing out of it. Hoping that it was still operational, Skye stepped onto it, and soon found herself inside what she recognised to be the interior of what used to be DexLabs. She called out Dexter's name a few times, and it was met with no reply, until someone came walking towards her, and Skye held up the S.P.L.A.N.K.E.R in defence (she'd always thought most of the Kids Next Door's weaponry and vehicles were a bit too silly, and a bit unsafe), but then she heard a familiar voice that alleviated her worry.

"Skye? Is that you?"

"Dexter?" Skye lowered her weapon as the boy genius stepped out of the shadows and sighed, relieved. "Thank goodness."

"I was just about to say the same thing," Said Dexter. "I haven't seen you in nearly three years now. My stupid sister Dee Dee pressed my laboratory's emergency shutdown button while the time machine was still operational."

Skye thought this a bit harsh. Of course Dee Dee wasn't as gifted as Dexter, but it didn't make her less competent. "Don't blame her, Dexter."

"It's hard not to," The redhead sighed. "The only human test subjects I've ever worked with is myself, there was a chance you and Miss Connors could have been killed." He noticed Aryah's sword hanging off her belt and frowned. "She didn't...did she?"

Skye gripped the hilt and shook her head. "No, no. She's very much alive, but she hurt her arm in the crash. Ben's taken her somewhere to get it looked at."

Dexter nodded. "At least she's still alive. I spent a year wondering if Jack blamed me for her going missing."

Skye was surprised. "He's real? The samurai?"

"The same one. Anyways, aside from the fact that we'll need to create a new time capsule to get you two home, that's not our real problem right now." Dexter gestured for Skye to follow him, and Skye did so obediently. It was then that she noticed that Dexter was finally taller than her. Three years hadn't much changed his face, but he was certainly taller, though not much. Soon, they stopped behind a large piece of fallen debris that blinded the corner and Dexter pointed out a figure not far from them that seemed to be made of fusion matter. "That is Fusion Buttercup," He explained. "You are already aware that these types of Fusion monsters are clones of our world's heroes, but they are far more powerful than those they imitate." He readied a staff that looked like one of those robot-claw toys they sell in the toy section of the supermarket before looking her in the eye. "Ready?" Skye nodded and raised her S.P.L.A.N.K.E.R in response before the two rushed at Fusion Buttercup, ready to fight. The fusion went first for Dexter, but turned its attention to Skye when she smacked it in the face with the S.P.L.A.N.K.E.R, and that only served to make it angry. Fusion Buttercup threw its fist at Skye, knocking the blunette away, and the S.P.L.A.N.K.E.R into a puddle of fusion matter. It was about to charge at her again when Dexter swung the robot claw at it to get its attention, calling over to Skye to get up while he fended it off. Skye tried to get herself oriented after getting herself back on her feet, and, finding herself rid of her weapon, she drew her friend's sword and ran at the Fusion with it. Her strikes were not as skilled as that of the sword's owner, but it was effective enough, and soon, Fusion Buttercup was defeated. Then, from the melting matter, a smaller figure emerged that looked like the Powerpuff the Fusion had imitated in nightmarish likeness, but this one looked more like Buttercup in the sense that it could only be described as a chibi, and Skye felt the need to resist the urge to squeal and hug the poor thing to death. "Congratulations," Dexter said, still a little out of breath. "You've created your first Nano."

"Nano?" Skye questioned as the little creature flew merrily around her head.

"They're made of fusion matter, much like Fusions," Dexter explained, "But these little ones are on our side."

Suddenly, the whole place began to shake violently and Skye found herself clinging to Dexter to stay balanced. Chunks of debris fell from the ceiling, blocking off the way she'd just come, but there was another option; another teleport pad stood nearby that caught her attention when Dexter was helping her onto her feet. "That did not sound good," the Boy Genius said as he looked around at the ceiling and the walls before he grabbed hold of Skye's shoulders. "Skye, listen to me. Take the teleporter pad out of here. It'll take you to the roof and Numbuh Two will pick you up from there."

"Not without you," Skye argued. "We're getting out of here together!"

"I have to make sure Fusion Buttercup didn't steal anything from the lab," Dexter rebutted. "I can't risk it, even if half the lab is gummed up with fusion matter."

"But you said we had to get the time capsule back up and running," Skye told him. "You built it--!"
Dexter shook his head. "As much as I hate to say it, it's Mandark's job." Skye fought the urge to snort. She hated Mandark, from his sallow, thin face to his bloated ego, and the thought of having to work with him was a nightmare come true, but if Dexter was so sure...

"You have to come back alive, do you understand?" Skye said firmly.

Dexter just sighed and gave a lopsided smile. "No promises...and, Skye?"


Suddenly, Dexter took off his glasses, leaned in and stole a kiss right off of Skye's lips. From the moment of contact to the time he had pulled away, Skye was shocked and scrambling for words, but all Dexter could say was, "In case I don't get to do that later," before he ran off to see if anything was stolen, and Skye was left staring after him for a few moments before she forced herself to run to the teleport pad, her Buttercup nano trailing behind her. The Dexbot, polite as ever, gave a compliment to the 'nice weather' they were having (as was the wont of a droid with such a limited A.I) and, upon command, teleported Skye to the roof, where she spotted Numbuh Two near the S.C.A.M.P.E.R.

"We can't hold Tech Square any longer!" He called over to her over the clamour of the buildings below crashing into the rising flood of fusion matter below. "We have to fall back- get to the S.C.A.M.P.E.R! Hurry!" Skye started to make a run for it when something akin to the Cyberus that had attacked her school when the invasion began crossed with a bat swooped in, blocking her path. This is when her little Nano friend came in handy, using some sort of power to stun the creature, and it dropped out of the sky and over the side of the bridge, into the green flood below, and Skye made it across just in time to see the bridge collapse behind her. A stone dropped in her gut. Dexter was still in there, how was he going to get out now? She looked to Numbuh Two, who shook his head. "Looks like Buttercup and the others weren't able to destroy the terrafusers in time."

"What about Dexter? And the others?" Skye asked him. "Please, if we just wait a little longer...!"

Again, Numbuh Two shook his head. "There's no time. I received a transmission from Dexter not long after you left Fusion Buttercup's lair. We have to find Mandark so he can help us repair the time capsule." He climbed back into the S.C.A.M.P.E.R and leaned in the doorway. Skye could tell he was exhausted. "For now, we're headed to the rendevous point to pick up the others." He walked off to the cockpit, with Skye not far behind. Just before the door closed, she took one last look back at Dexlabs and fought back the urge to cry as they flew off.

On the way to the rendevous point, Skye had taken a seat near the door, so when she had heard someone crying, she looked around and saw Aryah sitting in some quiet corner. Skye got up and walked over to comfort her friend, being careful to watch her step as she went. Again, she never much trusted these deathtraps the Kids Next Door built. She tried to smile as she took a seat next to her crying friend and put her arm around her shoulders. Aryah looked up at her, and when Skye returned her sword, she gave only a nod as her thanks. "What happened?" Skye asked her.

"Ben didn't make it," Sniffled Aryah. "Or Numbuh One..."

Skye sighed. "I don't think Dexter will be coming, either." She hugged Aryah a little closer and let the younger girl use her shoulder to cry into while she thought. To think, they were supposed to work with Mandark Astromonov to get home- the very thought made her stomach churn and her skin crawl. She was in the same class as him and hated his very aura as it clashed so much with the people around him, teachers and students alike. There was anger around him, so much anger, but he did have the capacity for human affection; it was no secret he was fond of Dexter's elder sister, DeeDee. Some thought he had a rival in her brother, Rubin, who seemed to have taken an interest in her as well. Hopefully, that rivalry (if there even was one) wouldn't interfere with their mission too much and Mandark would properly put his priorities in order in such a way that he would realise that turning the tide of the war was more important than his almost non-existent love life.

After a short while, the door opened again and Buttercup, Numbuh Five and a man in a white Gi and sandals carrying a sword climbed aboard the S.C.A.M.P.E.R. By now, Aryah was falling asleep from exhaustion on Skye's shoulder, and since Skye was too polite at the time, she decided to let her friend rest for the moment. They all looked so worn out, so tired. Whatever it was that kept them going in this war was leaving them, but this was just keeping up appearances, she supposed; trying to keep a brave face in all of this so the troops weren't discouraged. Her father had one said that a war is lost when your soldiers lose heart, and Skye could sense that those gathered were already thinking of the possibility of this all being a lost cause, but the man in the Gi, whose name she didn't know, there was something that was keeping him going. She supposed it had something to do with a small teddy-bear charm that hung off a belt around his waist, and that's when something clicked. Didn't Aryahhave the same charm on her house keys? She was a latchkey kid, so it wasn't uncommon to see her checking if she still had her keys. She kept them with her at all times and had left them with Dexter in the past, so wouldn't that mean that, if this man had the charm in this time...

So lost in thought, Skye barely noticed that the man had walked over to them until he was kneeling in front of them with a tired, but polite smile.

"Excuse me," He said quietly. "I do not mean to be a bother, but is your friend alright?" Skye nodded and was about to say something, when Aryah raised her weary head to look at the newcomer. A flicker of recognition flashed through her eyes and tears ran fresh and hot down her tired and dirty face. She was shaking, the poor girl, and Skye was concerned, if not a bit surprised. This man couldn't be the one from her young friend's stories, could he? The man quickly gathered Aryah into his arms and held her tightly, being mindful of her injured arm, and Aryah did the same as she burst into tears again. She called this man 'Jack', like she had the man in her stories, and suddenly, Skye felt awful for ever doubting that she'd been telling the truth the whole time as she watched her friend cry in his arms. In some ways, she thought it sweet that the two looked like they were almost like brother and sister, or perhaps father and daughter, but if the stories were true, then their parting must have been so painful.

She saw her friend take something out of her pocket- the small, pretty charm she always carried around- to show it to Jack, and he closed her hand around it and let her drift off to sleep in his arms. Skye just smiled at it all, happy that Aryah got to be with her dear old friend again.

"She never stopped talking about you, you know," She told him, and when she noticed Jack's look of surprise, "She always told stories about you. We always thought she was making things up, but she really did miss you."

"I am just glad that Dexter was right when he explained where you two had gone," Jack sighed. "I feared the worst had befallen you two." He looked around for a moment, as if he had forgotten something.
"Where is Dexter?"

Skye's smile dropped as she explained what had happened and ended it with, "I don't think there's any way he could have made it out alive." Jack just nodded solemnly and stayed quiet, with Aryah still fast asleep in his arms. Skye also retained her silence after that, still wondering how things could have gotten so bad over the course of the three years they'd been gone.

Numbuh Two brought the S.C.A.M.P.E.R down on the outskirts of Tech City, and everyone aboard got out, most of them looking out on what was left of Tech City and wondering if their friends were still alive or if there was anything they could have done to prevent this from happening. Soon, Numbuh Two had brought out a communicator with a message from Dexter, saying that it was up to Numbuh Two and Mandark to rebuild the time capsule that had sent Skye and Aryah to the future and signing out with his intention to find another way out of Tech Square. It was a recorded message, so Skye found herself unable to argue that the boy genius should just find somewhere to wait until they could find him since he couldn't hear them. The flight to Sector V that followed was long and quiet, and most of those aboard were asleep, too exhausted to stay awake. Skye stayed up with Numbuh Five, sharing whatever bits of candy Sector V's second in command had on her.

"So what's with your friend curled up there with Jack?" She asked the blunette quietly. "They seem to be pretty close."

"Aryah apparently travelled with him when she was a child," Skye replied. "This is the first time in five years that they've seen each other. From what she would say in her stories, Jack was really the only real friend Aryah's ever had."

"Numbuh Five thinks she's heard one 'a them stories," The other girl mused. "I think Ninety-three caught wind of it once."


"Claire. Strawberry blonde, brown eyes?"

"Oh," Said Skye. "The cranky one who runs supply distribution."

"That's one word for it," Chuckled Numbuh Five, and the two were quiet for the remainder of the ride.

The S.C.A.M.P.E.R set itself down in Hero Square, Sector V, and waiting for them was, much to Skye's chagrin, was Mandark. Aryah, who had woken up just before the landing, was a little drowsy as she hopped out along with Jack.

"So, if it isn't Dexter's little lab rats," Said Mandark as he walked towards them. Skye tried not to wince because of his nasally voice, and Aryah just looked at him. She had never met Mandark, but she didn't like the first impression he was making, and made sure to keep her distance, much to Jack's confusion.

Skye squared her shoulders and crossed her arms. "Still in your shorts? I thought men of science wore real pants." She smirked. "And not silly capes, either."

"Don't tempt me, Heartrider," Mandark sneered. "I can see Dexter is not among you, which means he was lost along with Tech Square. Face it, you need me!"

"Like a hole in the head."

"Enough!" The two visibly flinched, even Aryah. She knew that this was when it was a bad idea to annoy Jack, judging by the look he was giving them. "Now is not the time for arguments," He told them all sternly. "The people of the past must be warned, and soon. Mandark, how quickly can you have the time machine ready?"

"Well, it'll take time," The young scientist explained, adjusting his glasses and shooting a nasty glare at Skye. "And if the girls would be nice enough as to help, it shouldn't take long."

"Good," Huffed Skye. "The sooner we get back, the better." She started to walk off, more than likely to take a breather, and Mandark just crossed his arms.

"Well, she's going to be pleasant to work with," He commented, earning a nasty glare from Aryah.

"Don't you have anything better to do?" She snapped at him, and Mandark just gave her a glance before walking off. Aryah just sighed. She was already exhausted, and it was starting to worry her that things had gotten this bad. Jack settled his hand on his young friend's shoulder to get her attention and smiled.

"You're still as spirited as I remember," He chuckled.

Aryah smiled back at him, but it didn't stay long. "How did you get caught up in all this, anyway, Jack?" She asked. "Last I remember, we were at that time portal and you pushed me into it..."

Jack shook his head. "Aku's drones destroyed the portal before I could go through," He explained. "I travelled again for some five years before Dexter used his technology to ask for my help in this war."

"But we're losing," The younger of the two mentioned. "And if you die here..."

"It matters not what becomes of me," The samurai interjected. "You and your friend still have the chance to go back and stop this from happening."

Knowing better than to question him in these sort of situations, Aryah nodded, but she couldn't help the stone that had dropped in her gut. Things were already starting to look pretty bad- how could three years really have changed so much so quickly?
Fusion Fall: Cancel the Apocalypse 2
Chapter Two: Famous Last Words

I'm ashamed of this. I don't feel like I've written this fic properly. Ah well. I'll keep posting this for whoever wants to read it. The title for this chapter comes from the My Chemical Romance song of the same name.

Also I played Fusion Fall Heroes. It's boring. 

Fusion Fall (c) Cartoon Network
Talentswapped part 1: Takara x Masaru by D-Chan416
Talentswapped part 1: Takara x Masaru
For a talentswap challenge Prophet and I are doing. Here's my entry for round 1, Soldier!Takara and Lucky!Masaru, because God dammit I ship these kids so hard. Part 2 is in the works and I'll probably be uploading it before I put up the next part of Hope's Twilight or What's Left Of Me.

Dangan Ronpa (c) Spike Chunsoft
Takara Tsukuda and Masaru Nishioka (c) ParadoxProphet
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: violence/gore and strong language)
The room was thrown into a panic. Students scattered left and right to avoid being hit by debris or to get away from the stage that had been set ablaze as the air was filled with the sound of frightened screams that drowned out the voices of the hall monitors that tried to get everyone to evacuate in a calm fashion. People were treading over each other trying to get out of the room or trying to help put out the fire. Suzume, who was backstage with Kazumi Katsuya, were already arguing with a couple of hall monitors backstage.

"Like fuck I'm gonna leave Matsuki out there!" Kazumi snapped at the hall monitor. "Let us get out there an' help, ya piece of shit!"

"Yukari's out there, too!" Added Suzume. "She's been getting death threats! I have to protect her, now get the fuck out of our way!"

"I-I-I'm sorry," The hall monitor stammered, obviously intimidated by the two women, both of them taller and stronger than him. "But this is an emergency, we can't afford to have any more casualties!"

While the two argued with him, some students were crawling under tables to escape the crowd crush. Ishimaru had already grabbed Matsuki and the two had hidden under their table. Matsuki had already burst into tears and was hiding her face in Ishimaru's shoulder while the painter had tried to block out the screams, but she suddenly looked up and looked around quickly.

"Wait!" She cried. "Where's Shimizu-san?!" Suddenly, there was a dreadful thud as Yukari landed on her side, coughing and hacking and barely able to lift herself. Leaving Matsuki for a moment, Ishimaru dragged the philosopher under the table with them, but it only gave them both a more horrifying fright as Yukari's body began spasming violently, as if she were being strangled and trying to escape. Her lips were swollen, the whites of her eyes turning red as blood vessels were popping under pressure and tears spilled and ran down her cheeks. Her skin was turning an unsettlingly pale shade of blue and her eyes rolled back into her head as she began to foam at the mouth, the bubbling saliva a pale pink from where she had been coughing up blood. Her body twitched and spasmed for a few more seconds before Yukari Shimizu finally went still, her face contorted in a terrifying expression of fear and pain. Her head rolled towards a terrified Matsuki, who was too scared to scream and fainted. Ishimaru pulled the painter into his arms and held her close, squeezing his eyes shut.

Meanwhile, on the stage, Tsuneo had emerged from the flames burnt, bleeding and carrying Mika with one arm while the other lay limp and useless at his side. His formal hakama was torn, bloodstained and charred, but they were both alive. Right now, Mika was his priority, and he made his way through the crowd regardless of his injuries and the people trying to stop him. Back on the stage, Shiori was pulling herself to her knees, her ears were ringing from the explosion and her head spinning wildly. It wasn't until her vision cleared that she noticed the bloodstained body of the person next to her who had stuff that was sticking into their chest- it was Yuki, and the sharp end of a broken piano leg had impaled him through the chest, and more bits of broken wood and metal were stuck in his shoulders, legs and arms. She screamed his name and leaned over him, begging him to wake up and to open his eyes. Eventually, the snow-haired poet woke up and looked up at Shiori with a pained expression on his face.

"Sh...Shiori..." He managed to say her name as he lifted his hand and gently cupped her cheek. "Are...are you hurt...?"

"You idiot...that blast was meant for me!" Shori didn't even bother to stop the tears that were already falling. Her beloved's blood was starting to stain her white dress as the soprano gripped the dying poet's hand.

Yuki chuckled as best he could, even though he was coughing up blood while doing so. "If you're still so quick to be that usual you...calling me an idiot...I've been a lucky man..." He tried to get some of his breath back before attempting to speak again. "I love I will" His chest rose and fell one final time before Yuki's brilliant blue eyes closed forever and his hand fell limply into the puddle of blood he lay in. Shiori was frozen- she didn't know if she was alive or not as she just stared down at her beloved's corpse like a woman possessed. She took hold of his shoulders in her trembling hands and shook him firmly.


This couldn't be happening.

"Hey, Yuki...?"

He promised...he promised he'd never leave!

"'s not a performance, you can wake up now...!"

This wasn't happening.


He promised.

"Wake up..."

She refused to believe it.


She continued to scream at Yuki and shake his lifeless body until someone came and wrestled the screaming girl away from him, and even then she was in the throes of despair and grief, screaming murder and thrashing about like a woman possessed until she screamed herself into unconsciousness.


Mika Morikawa woke the next day in her bed, most of herself wrapped in bandages. She was completely alone in her room, which was odd considering that Tsuneo was often there to wake her in the morning since she slept like a corpse. Her head was throbbing with pain and her back was stiff and sore, as if she'd slept on a bed of lumpy rocks, but she pulled herself up into a semi-sitting position just as someone knocked on her door.

"C-come in!" She called, wincing in pain. "I think the door's unlocked." The door opened and Mika looked to see Suzume standing on the other side. The girl looked like she hadn't slept and it was physically draining for her to be standing up at the moment. Mika smiled politely at her. "Ah, Amano-san. Come in." She sat up a little more with some difficulty and grunted in pain when she felt something give an awful twinge. Suzume shut the door behind her as she crossed over to Mika's bed and started helping her sit up better. "What happened last night?" Mika asked her classmate. "I remember an explosion, and..." Suzume fell to her knees at Mika's bedside, her shoulders trembling as she gripped at the bedclothes with white-knuckled fists. "Amano-san...?" Mika placed a hand on Suzume's shoulder and the older girl just burst into tears.

"She's d-dead...!" She sobbed. "They murdered her! Those bastards killed Yukari!!"

Mika sighed, then coaxed Suzume to come and sit beside her so she could comfort the grieving drummer. Another corpse to be dressed- by now, the Mortician was starting to think this was pointless to repeat time and time again. As she had been dressing Ayano's corpse, she had learned that so many other students had been murdered not long after, and one had gone missing from the class above them. It was getting to the point where she had only agreed to dress the corpses of her own classmates- it was time and money she couldn't afford to waste and supplies were limited now that the school had been blocked off from the rest of the world. "How did Shimizu-san die?" Mika asked carefully.

"Poison," Croaked Suzume. "Sohma reckons it's poison, Nanase thinks she knows who did it..." She sniffled and gave a long sigh, covering her eyes with her hand. "Sasaki...he's gone, too...the explosion killed him..."

Mika suddenly remembered the night before and gasped. "Tsuneo!"

"He needed an amputation." Suzume's breath hitched as she gave another sob. "He saved you...but I c-couldn't..." Mika let her cry, and soon, she joined her in mourning. Suzume's guilt would not let her go, this Mika knew well. She and Yukari were so in love with each other and were almost never apart for long, so for Suzume to lose her first and only love was not only devastating; the heartbreak could kill her. Mika had watched the grieving die of broken hearts too many times, and though fascinated by the damage it could do, seeing it was a form of withdrawl, the results were varied and often tragic. Hopefully, the Mortician told herself, Suzume would be strong enough to pull through.


Hikari felt her blood boil as she and Naoto studied the results from the tests they'd run on a sample of Yukari's blood. Poison, from one of the plants Chisato collected a sample from and documented when they'd been in the Amazon, mixed with snake venom, had killed the Philosopher, and the thought alone that Chisato's discovery was used as a murder weapon, made Hikari far more angry than she could ever remember being before.

"Who," She growled.

Naoto pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose with a finger. "There are three likely suspects." He held up a hand to count them. "Masaru Nishioka, Teruteru Hanamura, and Gundam Tanaka. However, I hardly believe Nishioka would be capable of murder." He gave a short huff of cynical laughter. "I would say Hoshino, but there's no way he would do it, either- no motive."

"What, you think that spoilsport could have killed Chisato, too?" Hikari's eyes turned to her friend.

"Wouldn't put it past him," Said Naoto. "But he didn't kill her or Yukari. You said Tanaka was in here yesterday, right? That makes him a person of interest."

"I know where he'll be." Hikari stood up, taking a small bottle from the table that contained the petals of the plant Chisato had discovered and shoving it in her pocket. "And I don't care if I have to fight Akamine to get to him." She stalked out of the room, leaving Naoto worried. He took off his glasses and rubbed his face.

"Chisato-kun," He sighed. "If only you were still here."

Hikari's footsteps echoed through the halls as she strode past teachers and hall monitors and even shoved past Sakura Oogami, Super High School Level Martial Artist, and Aoi Asahina, Super High School Level Swimmer, not even caring that the fact that she probably stepped on Asahina's foot could possibly spell her doom. Tanaka was going to be a dead man when Hikari got her hands on him, and there was very little that would stop her right now.

As she turned a corner into a less-crowded hallway, Hikari gained an unwanted 'tail', so to speak, and this tail came in the form of Nagito Komaeda, Chisato's late boyfriend.

"What's the rush, Nanase-san?" He asked naïvely. "Are you late for something?" Hikari said nothing and tried to walk faster, but seeing as Komaeda had longer legs than she did, it was easy for him to catch up. "Are you looking for someone? Maybe I can help?" Still no reply; Hikari wasn't even paying attention to him. "Oh, I get it. You're still upset about Chisato-chan." The silver-haired boy smiled sadly. "I loved her so much. It still hurts to think that she isn't here anymore."

Hikari stopped dead in her tracks, turned sharply on her heel and glared darkly up at Komaeda. "Don't you dare." She stuck a finger in his face. "Don't you fucking dare! You never loved Chisato, you waste of space! She was always too good for you and all you ever did was fuck with her emotions and cheat on her with that cheap whore, Enoshima!"

"I did love her!" Komaeda snapped back at her. "Chisato was so beautiful...and kind...but she was the one who was going to leave me for some muscle-bound idiot!"

"Well, it's too fucking bad that she didn't!" Hikari shouted back. "She would have been better off with him than she could have ever been with someone like YOU!" Hikari stormed off, her skin almost steaming with anger. Komaeda would have to wait- it was Tanaka she was after, and she soon found him with Akamine. Not even caring for what they'd been doing when she arrived, Hikari grabbed Tanaka by the lapels of his coat and slammed him into some nearby lockers, a growl rumbling in her throat.

"Unhand me, mortal!" Gundam snapped at her.

Hikari turned her angry gaze at him. "Cut the shit, you bastard!" She shouted at him. "It was you, wasn't it?! You killed Yukari using one of the plants in the specimen cabinet!"

"That's not true!" Akamine protested. "My Gummy wouldn't kill anyone!"

"Shut the fuck up!" Hikari spat at her before turning back to Gundam. "You sick fuck, I'll bet your precious Princess Sonia ordered you to do it, and you just couldn't resist, could you?!"

"I've never even been anywhere near the Princess!" Gundam defended, but when he looked to Akamine for support, the Mangaka could only stare at him in disbelief.

"Gummy...?" She squeaked. "She's lying, isn't she?"

Normally, Hikari would stop, but in this current state of mind, she couldn't stop her mouth from moving. "Don't be fucking dumb, everyone knows the Princess has had this dog chasing her heels for ages now! You're old news!"

It was then that one of Gundam's hamsters bit Hikari's hand and she let go of him, giving the Breeder enough time to kick her to the ground and take off running. Hikari quickly picked herself up and took off after him. She chased him through the hallways, shoving past students and using her great jumping ability and momentum to jump over obstacles that Gundam put between them; a stack of chairs that had been knocked over were quickly overcome with a great leap- Hikari had grown up around enough big cats to know how to jump and run like they could, and she'd be damned if she let her prey escape her now, but as she turned a corner into an empty hallway, Gundam Tanaka was nowhere to be seen. A weight dropped in Hikari's gut- this was starting to feel like a trap, and with exhaustion quickly catching up on her, she was starting to get the feeling that this probably wasn't one of her better ideas- that was usually Naoto's department, to be entirely honest- and she was starting to consider leaving before something bad happened, but she had a feeling that she'd already walked into a trap.

"Nanase-san..." Hikari's blood ran cold as she looked behind her to see Komaeda standing there with a knife in his hand, the blade covered in dried blood. "Are you lost again? Poor little tigress..." He gave a smile that chilled her to the bone. "Why are you so afraid...? You're about to see Chisato again...'

"So it was you," Said Hikari. "You killed Chisato...!"

Komaeda held up the knife with the beginning of a mad chuckle. "She's right here," He told her with that frightening smile on his face. "I couldn't bring myself to clean the blood off, you see. I couldn't stand the thought of having to live without her by my side. She was my first love, after all."

Hikari felt sick to her stomach as she swallowed a lump in her throat. "You're sick...!" She spat at him. "You never loved Chisato, you just wanted to keep her for yourself! You played with her head and used her secret weaknesses to make her go running back to you!" She took a step back, ready to run if she needed it. "You didn't deserve her!"

"I know." Komaeda took another step forward. "But...she did tell me that she didn't care what anyone said. "They just don't understand, Nagito-kun," she told me. "I love you. I know you would never do anything to hurt me." That time with Enoshima-san was a mistake, and I think I did her a favour by killing her. Now she'll always be my beautiful flower, not the ugly weed that tried to leave me." His mad smile grew into a crazed grin. "And soon, Yoshihara-san will get to remember you while you're still so beautiful, too. After all, it was you who tried to make my Chisato-chan leave me for that grease monkey in Class 78."

Hikari wanted to tell him to shut up and leave Minoru out of this, but there were heavy footsteps behind her and she turned to see a tall, very muscular young man wearing a chain around his neck. "Ah, I almost forgot." Komaeda put Hikari in a choke-hold with one arm, the cold steel of the knife pressing against her neck. "Nidai-san would like a word with you." Hikari struggled as Nidai advanced on them. He looked twice as scary as Oogami, not to mention built like a bulldozer. Komaeda released her just as his huge fist came flying at her, connecting with her stomach and knocking her to the floor. Pain exploded through her body and Hikari barely dodged having her head stomped in as she rolled to one side. She tried to crawl away, but Nidai's massive hand grabbed her leg and he tossed her into some lockers nearby, her body leaving a dent in the metal before she flopped uselessly to the floor, still alive, but not for much longer if she couldn't get away. Nidai began to advance on her again, and Hikari started to pull herself to her feet to try and at least give herself a chance to fight back or get away, but with no one to help and nowhere to run, she was starting to regret letting her anger get the best of her- though it wasn't the first time, it may very well be the last.

"Chisato-chan...Naoto-kun...Yoshihara-kun...I'm so sorry..."
Hope's Twilight 5
HOLY DICKS I FINALLY FINISHED THIS. Also Komaeda's back to ruin everything again. I'm hoping to break up the violence and death with a tender moment in the next chapter, when I find the energy to write it. 

Dangan Ronpa is (c) Spike Chunsoft
Kazumi Katsuya, Shizuka Matsuki and Minoru Yoshihara are (c) ParadoxProphet (Who is probably going to hate me for this)
You can't spell toxic without the letter 't', neither can you spell Tumblr without it. Tumblr used to be such a nice place. Now? Now it's just become harmful. You can't put one toe wrong without having to apologise for the fact you exist, apparently. I miss how it used to be- a happy place where everyone was equal. I would pack up and come back here to DeviantART, where I would sooner love to post more of my art, but as ParadoxProphet and I have been saying, almost everyone I know has packed up and moved there. I barely get anyone who used to read and fav and comment on my stuff doing that anymore. I really want to become friends with other artists, but I'm too shy to even keep up a conversation with them or even say 'hi' to begin with, but we're getting off track.

Speaking of how bad Tumblr has been getting, here's something interesting: Ava's Demon is basically dead because of SJW assholes who have no idea what they're talking about. Michelle has been bullied off of tumblr and the site's been down for ages now- as far as I know, there's been no update.

Honestly, I've had it up to here with most of tumblr. I'll need to go on an unfollowing spree on my main, but my artblog's still there. I need to post some of the stuff from there on here since I've been neglecting my dA lately. 

Ah well.
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