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Venomcowl wasn't surprised when she noticed she was being followed. The Dancimator some several feet behind her had been following for a while; Probably one of the Courtesan's. She almost laughed at how much of a ridiculous idea it was to try to tail a master assassin, had she not been in public. If the Dancimator could be lost in the crowd that had gathered in the marketplace, she wouldn't have to deal with it, which was what she hoped for. Venomcowl had other things to deal with- one of those being the information she'd beat out of Tornveil. Evesdropping on a few people would be enough to see if her friend had, indeed, fled into the woods, but her 'tail' needed to be cut first- and the literal sense sounded a whole lot easier than the proverbial sense and considerably more convenient. With good time, Venomcowl managed to lose the Dancimator in the crowd and headed for the rooftops and got the information she needed, but the Dancimator managed to start tailing her again as she started to head towards the outskirts of town, joined by two others. This was amusing, in a sense; they all probably knew how foolish this was when she could easily kill them all, but not here where people could see. Clever, yes, but not clever enough.

She led the Dancimators into a secluded place, and a bloodbath ensued. She killed two of them, but the one who had initially been following her- that one Venomcowl left alive. The Dancimator trembled, her blade shattered beneath the assassin's boot as Venomcowl hauled her up by the collar of her dress. "Now, to what do I owe this pleasure?" Asked Venomcowl, bringing her hidden blade to the Dancimator's throat. "Speak- your words may be your last if they are useless to me."

"I-i-it was Tornveil!" The Dancimator sputtered fearfully. "She sent us to kill you!"

"Of course." The assassin sighed. "I suppose this is in relation to Countess Blankeye's disappearence, then. How much do you know of this?"

"N-nothing, I don't know anything!"

"Are you so sure?" Venomcowl pressed her blade to the Dancimator's neck. "I'm not so sure you're giving me the whole story. I recall seeing someone who looked like you rooting around in Blankeye's hive not too long ago."

"W-we were sent by Tornveil to look for any reason to believe Blankeye was with someone else, b-but it seemed unlikely..." The Dancimator gulped, and the action made the assassin's blade press harder into her throat for a moment. "U-u-until we heard the rumours that she had a friend amongst the Brotherhood! And that's as much as I know, I swear!"

"And does Tornveil still think Blankeye has fled to the woods?"

The Dancimator nodded frantically. "Yes! We found the Countess' blood in the woods, but she could have been eaten and--!" Venomcowl's blade pierced the Dancimator's throat before she let her collapse in a heap at her feet, spasming in her death throes while the assassin phased into the shadows and reappeared upon the rooftop above. Her eyes turned to the woodlands beyond, and she made a point to search the woods soon. She knew that Executioner Darkleer's hive resided somewhere in the woods- perhaps he could have seen Blankeye, and hopefully hadn't killed her. The assassin began her journey into the woods, her mind buzzing with theories, but her thoughts kept returning to the possibility that her friend could be dead by now. She couldn't lose the only ally she had. Blankeye would be expecting Venomcowl to save her, or at least come after her if she was still alive, but either way, she would bring her friend home.

It had happened so fast, and Venomcowl had been away from the city at the time on another mission that involved assisting Neophyte Redglare and crossing paths with Orphaner Dualscar. She hadn't expected to be away so long, and she returned to find Blankeye's hive had been ransacked and its occupant gone, so in part, Venomcowl blamed herself. She should have been there to protect Blankeye when she needed her most, but it mattered very little now. What was done was done and could not be undone, but if Venomcowl could act quick enough, perhaps Blankeye's fate may yet still be mitigated.
A Slight Hindrance
I certainly took my bloody time with this. This is a response fic to the second part of ParadoxProphet's "Paint Stained Roses" and a sequel to "Shadow's Wrath". Venomcowl's not dealing with anymore of Tornveil's nonsense.

Homestuck (c) Andrew Hussie
Blankeye and Tornveil (c) ParadoxProphet
Contessa Venomcowl (c) D-Chan416
The sudden rapping on the door that rainy night was what woke Chisato from sleep to check the clock. It was almost two in the morning- who their right mind would be up at this hour? Rising from sleep, putting on her glasses and pulling her nightgown around herself, Chisato padded out to the living room to answer the persistant knocking.

"Yes, yes," She called, being careful not to wake her grandfather. "I'm coming." She unlocked and slid back the door, and was shocked to see a familiar face on the other side. Standing on her doorstep, drenched by the rain and smelling of alcohol, was Mondo Oowada.

"Hey," He said, his voice sounding tired. "Did…did I wake you up? Sorry…"

"What are you doing here?" She asked. "You're miles out from Hope's Peak or Tokyo without your gang--"

"I had to see you." Mondo looked her in the eye, and Chisato could see that he'd been holding back tears. "Can I come in?"

Chisato nodded. Mondo clumsily took off his shoes and coat and stumbled inside to sit down while she fetched him a towel and a blanket and brewed them a pot of green tea. After she'd poured them both a cup and set one in Mondo's hands, she sat down across from him, finally ready to hear what he had to say.

"Better?" She asked. Mondo nodded. "Good. Now, tell me what's going on."

Mondo sighed and stared into his cup and fell silent again for a while before he choked out a sob and covered his face with his hand. Chisato moved to sit beside him, placing a hand on his arm and rubbing it soothingly. She didn't dare to speak, it wasn't the time, but she couldn't hide her shock when the bosōzoku suddenly threw his arms around her and held her close.

"It hurts," He whispered hoarsely. "I c-couldn't take it anymore, I had to come and find ya…"

"What are you talking about?" Chisato asked, carefully returning the embrace. "Oowada-kun, what happened?"

"A lot of stuff's catchin' up with me, an'…an' I…!" Mondo let a few more choked sobs before he was a crying mess in her arms. Chisato started getting him to try and get some tea down to sober up a bit, and soon it all just came spilling out. Tonight, two years ago, Mondo's brother, Daiya, died saving his life. Mondo told her the whole story, about how the brothers had been abandoned by their parents, how he'd wanted to be so much like Daiya, to be as much of a man as he was, and how that ambition got Daiya killed when it should have been him. "It's all my fault!" Mondo cried. "I fucking killed my own brother! The guys would kill me if I told 'em!"

Chisato couldn't believe her ears. "That's not…Oowada-kun, it's not your fault--!"

Mondo held her just a bit tighter. "And the worst part is, what if I get you killed, too?!" Chisato went quiet at this. She and Oowada had been close friends for a good while now, but why was he so scared of losing her? Mondo pulled away and held both her hands in his. "I…I know I ain't rich…or anythin', really…I ain't even as brave as you…but I…I got a heart…so that's somethin', I guess…"

"What are you trying to say?" Chisato looked up at him, all his hair hanging down, the hairspray having melted in the rain while his eyes, tired, sore and sad, stared back at her.

"Ya prolly don' wanna hear it…"

"Yes, I do. You're the one who said you had to see me, after all. Now just say it already…!"

Mondo went quiet again, his silence lasting much longer this time as he stared down at their hands as if studying them. "I…I guess I'm tryin' to say…I love you."

Chisato was speechless.

"I know yer prolly still gettin' over that Komaeda guy," Mondo continued. "I don't even care if ya don't feel the same, I just…I just wanted you to know I love you. I loved our short talks when we met, I love listenin' to ya talk about flowers n' stuff, 'cuz I love seein' you smile…and seein' ya so happy makes me just…" He looked away, his face bright red (either from alcohol or nervousness), and said no more for a while. The two sat there, listening to the rain pouring outside as the sound filled the silence between them. Chisato started to think now, her heart pounding in her chest. Ever since she'd broken up with Komaeda, Mondo had been there for her, walked her to her classes and sat with her at meal times and even studied with her sometimes, and their short chats had become full-blown conversations about all sorts of things, and it had impacted their behaviours- Mondo smiled a lot more, and Chisato had found herself being a lot more social and open than she had been while having to deal with Komaeda, or so her friends had pointed out recently. Kiyotaka Ishimaru even came up to her and thanked her for brightening his friend's recent black moods, so it was at least now that Chisato had started to understand why.

Truth be told, she had to admit that she'd developed feelings for Mondo that were more than what was required of their usual amiable companionship. If the occasional moments where she'd grabbed onto his sleeve out of nervousness wasn't enough, she'd been giggling to her friend Matsuki about how his canines looked like little fangs when he was grinning and how he was always so happy and carefree whenever they hung out together. Now there was a confession being thrown into the mix and Chisato didn't even have the chance to consult any of her friends about it- not at this time of night, at least- but Chisato did care about Mondo very much. He'd made her laugh, made her smile, helped her to avoid trouble while walking to classes, listened when she needed someone to listen, been there when she needed someone to be there. It wasn't even pity she felt for this sad, drunken creature in front of her- her heart was taking the lead, and she knew how she felt now that his feelings had been made clear.


"Mm?" Mondo didn't even look up at her. He was exhausted, and Chisato couldn't help but wrap her arms around him.

"I love you, too."

Mondo went quiet again before he wrapped his arms around the botanist and held her close, and Chisato could see him smiling before he leaned in a bit and gently pressed his lips against hers. It was short and he tasted of beer, but sweet and honest, and Chisato returned the gesture in kind all the same. Deciding they'd been up late enough, the botanist led Mondo through the house to her room, where she set up a spare futon for him to sleep on that she pushed up next to her own, and the two were soon all tucked under the blankets. Chisato's hand slipped into Mondo's with a tired smile. "Goodnight, Oowada-kun."


Morning came with the worst headache Mondo Oowada had ever had, so he was thankful the room was well-shaded and that he was in a warm bed, even if he didn't know where he was. Where was soon sorted out- he remembered bits and pieces of the night before and came to the conclusion that he was at his friend Chisato's house in a small village outside the Numata district. He also remembered that he'd confessed his feelings to said friend and suddenly felt like an idiot. He'd been waiting for the right time to tell her, but the biker guessed that all the alcohol he'd tried to drown his guilt in had decided last night was as good as time as any. He could barely remember her response, though- he just remembered a hug and a 'good night' before crashing.

A tiny, sleepy mumble alerted Mondo to the presence of another person sleeping in the room, and he suddenly looked down to see Chisato Ueda happily curled up in his arms. Panic rose up in his chest, but it kicked memory back into gear- she'd returned his feelings and then set up a bed for him to sleep in. As for her being so close right now, it was most likely that maybe they'd just wound up wriggling their way into the other's arms. Sighing softly, Mondo pressed his lips to Chisato's forehead before he closed his eyes again. He could hear his phone buzzing on the other side of the room (either his gang or Ishimaru wanting to know where he was), but it could wait- he and Chisato had a few things to talk about once the botanist decided to wake up, and he wanted to enjoy this morning while he still could.
Need You Now
So ParadoxProphet found a prompt on otpprompts ( and we were talking about how this was probably how Mondo would confess to Chisato. So yeah, self-indulgent fic.

Dangan Ronpa and all associated characters (c) Spike Chunsoft
Chisato Ueda (c) D-Chan416
Look how gently the wind bears the leaves
As the ties turning grey
Fall away
Closely, closely hold them gently to your heart
As seasons turn again…

Pale rose eyes fluttered open to a calm scene- the wind still gently rustled the leaves and grass, and the flowers still vibrant as ever. Chisato Ueda, Super High School Level Botanist, sat up, rubbing her eyes as she felt around for her glasses, sorely confused. Hadn't Komaeda been here not too long ago? He'd slashed her throat, so why was she still alive? A dream, surely, She told herself as she finally found her glasses and put them back on her face. She noticed her schoolbag was gone, but paid no mind to it as she got to her feet. It was starting to get late, and she figured she might as well head to the dining hall for dinner. "I must have fallen asleep in the gardens after class again," The botanist sighed. "Ah well. Nothing to be done about it now, I suppose." Chisato got to her feet and walked back inside of the building, finding the halls strangely empty considering the time of day, but considering recent events, she wouldn't really blame anyone who didn't want to be out in the halls by themselves. Even so, where was everyone?

Passing the doors to the auditorium, Chisato noticed they were open, and that the Principal was giving a speech. There were the faint sounds of sobs and hushed gossip from the crowd as students came and left flowers at a coffin that was sitting on a table near the stage. A stone sunk in the botanist's gut- there must have been another death. She hurried through the isles, walking briskly as she walked down to the coffin just as she saw Ryouta Hoshino, her rival of a year and a few months so far, leaving flowers, to the surprise of some. Shizuka Matsuki passed next with Kazumi Katsuya, the painter's face flooded with tears as she left her flowers- and Chisato would soon see why. As she approached the coffin, she saw a familiar pink ribbon and the gleam of wide-rimmed glasses. The botanist felt like she should be running, but her feet kept carrying her towards the coffin, and what she saw struck her cold. Her own body, dressed elegantly and surrounded by chrysanthemum flowers, still wearing her glasses and ribbon, and her neck was stitched up neatly with an almost-invisible surgeon's stitch. There was only one reason that could be possible.

Chisato stumbled back as if she'd been punched in the face. Panic rose in her chest as she looked around. No one could see her, heads were hung low and sobs echoed around the room. "No…oh God, please tell me I'm dreaming…!" She looked over at Hikari, who was sobbing into Naoto's shoulder, and tried calling out to her, but no reply came. She looked to Shizuka, who was a complete mess, and tried calling out to her, too, but again there was no reply. The fear hit home when voices rose in volume and footsteps echoed behind her, and Chisato looked to see Nagito Komaeda with a look of crushed hope in his eyes as he walked almost dumbly down the aisle towards the coffin. "Nagito-kun…!" The botanist's eyes filled with tears and she tried to rush to him, to throw her arms around him, but he went straight through her. The whispers were what got to her before Komaeda had fallen to his knees and started to cry ("How dare he show his face here!", "I bet he was the one who did it.", "What was she thinking, dating someone like that?"), and Chisato could bear it no longer.

Storming over to Komaeda and standing at his side, she wanted so much to beat him black and blue. "YOU MONSTER!" She shouted as tears ran down her cheeks in rivers, "How could you?! HOW COULD YOU?! I give you my heart, I treated your illnesses, and this is how you repay me?! I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU! I HOPE SOMEONE MURDERS YOU NEXT SO I CAN WATCH YOU BEING DRAGGED DOWN TO HELL!" She had never been this angry before, and she could scream herself hoarse if she had vocal chords that could be strained into silence. She swung her fists at Komaeda's head, hoping somehow it would give him a headache, screaming in anguish and fury, and only stopped when she felt a hand upon her shoulder.

"C'mon, now. That ain't gonna help nobody."

Chisato stopped screaming long enough to look behind her, where a man stood with a smile on his face. His hair was styled like a bosouzoku, like the boy she used to talk to in the hallways, only his clothes were white and his hair was jet black. Much like the boy she used to talk to, his eyes were a pale violet colour, and there was something about him that made him seem approachable, yet intimidating at the same time.

"What…who are you?" She asked.

"Name's Daiya Oowada." The man patted her shoulder. "Come on, we need to talk." His hand moved to the small of her back and he started to lead her away. As they walked back through the auditorium, Chisato cast one last look to the ones she'd left behind- Shizuka, who was still shedding her tears, Ryouta, whose head was hung low, Hikari and Naoto, who were still sobbing, and the young man standing next to Kiyotaka Ishimaru, whose name she'd never known, and she could have sworn she saw his shoulders shake before she and Daiya had cleared the door.

"So, how was wakin' up for ya?" Daiya asked casually. By now, the two were in the library and the man had put his feet up on the table.

Chisato shifted nervously Where she sat across from him. "Not that much different to waking up normally, really..."

"Well, I ain't never met anyone who's been to their own funeral. Pretty brave of ya." Daiya was still smiling as if nothing mattered, and it was starting to get on the botanist's nerves. The smile soon turned sad, though, and he sighed. "My lil' bro looked awful torn up about it, though. The kid don't do that well at funerals."

"Your brother?"

"Oh yeah, you talked to him in the halls sometimes."

Chisato looked away guiltily. "Sorry, I never really got his name."

"His name's Mondo. You would'a liked him." Finally correcting his seated posture so his feet were on the floor, Daiya leaned on the desk towards Chisato. "He really had a thing for ya."

"We can talk about that later." To be honest, Chisato didn't want to talk about love when there were more important things at hand- like the fact that she was a ghost. "Why am I still here? Shouldn't I be in Heaven?"

"Tha's th' thing, y' see." Her companion gave a casual shrug. "You bein' here means y' got somethin' t' do before ya go to the other side. Like me- I just know I gotta take care 'a my bro until I figure out what 'm supposed to do."

"You can't do much when he can't see or hear you," Chisato said bitterly. "And what else would I have to do? I'm a ghost- I can't touch anyone, or talk to them."

"Ain't you a famous scientist or somethin'?" Daiya's smile seemed to be permanent. "Yer' smart, you'll work it out. I'll be here t' help if y' need it."

Chisato sighed, and they were silent for a long time. " did you die?"

Daiya's smile finally dropped. "Car accident," He said, sounding almost guilty. "I died savin' my brother, an' he blames himself."

The younger of the two frowned, concerned. "What happened?"

Daiya gave a long sigh. "It was supposed to be a race. I was retirin' from bein' leader of the Crazy Diamonds, an' I was gonna open up an auto shop to make somethin' of m'self. An' Mondo, well...he's always got somethin' t' prove. It was a dark night, an' the road wasn't that well-lit 'round that part of the highway. I don't think I saw the truck comin' until just before I pushed him outta the way." The man placed a hand on his abdomen, almost subconsciously. "When I woke up, it was th' day after my funeral, and I was hangin' out by my own grave."

"And Mondo was there?"

"Yeah. The poor kid thinks he murdered me, an' there ain't much I can do 'bout that now." Daiya shifted in his chair. What 'bout you, kiddo?"

"...Murdered by my boyfriend."

"I heard he cheated on ya."

Chisato sighed. She didn't want to remember that, but the memory was still fresh. "Yes, he did. With some supermodel who's a few straws short of a haybale, or so I've heard."

"Wasn't he the same?"

"He has dementia, and his weak health impairs his judgement from time to time," Chisato explained, trying to sound professional. "It wasn't just that incident that was the problem, though...I guess I was just too stupid to leave him." She smiled sadly. "He said he needed me. He said he adored me, that he believed in my dream to find a cure for all illnesses through my studies of medical botany...but he was so...impossible at times...he'd have violent episodes, and I was willing to forgive him because of his dementia. I was told I should have left him the first time he hurt me, but I just..."

"Y' wanted to believe you could fix 'im." Daiya reached over and held her hand. "I've seen it before, kiddo. My mother was th' same with m' old man."

Chisato tried to blink back tears. "I'll bet Enoshima made him do it," She snipped, her voice so cold to the point where icicles may as well have been forming on the words. "She's always been out of her mind, and it shows in her personality."

Daiya said nothing on that. "Look, y' still got some ends that need tyin' up, questions that y' never got answers for. Once y' get that fixed up, you can move on. Any questions?"

Chisato thought it over for a moment or two, then shook her head and stood up. "I'm gonna go for a walk," She sighed, giving a half-hearted wave as she walked away. "I'll see you 'round, Oowada-san." Daiya said nothing as she left, and Chisato was grateful for his silence. She had a long way to go if she was going to leave this world, it seemed, but just how could she do it, she wondered? Ghosts couldn't interact with people. For now, she decided to head for the dorms. Her room would be locked, but with luck, she could probably just walk through it, if the things she'd heard about ghosts were true. On her way there, she saw Shizuka Matsuki and Kiyotaka Ishimaru, who was consoling the girl in her grief as they sat in her room together. Matsuki must have had another anxiety attack, or so Chisato guessed. She sighed sadly, her throat feeling choked up despite the fact that she didn't have a body that could feel anymore. The painter had been the last person she'd spoken to before she'd been murdered. The last words that she'd spoken as they passed in the hallway that morning made this whole thing hurt worse: "I don't know what I'd do if something happened to you."

She and Matsuki had always gotten on like a house on fire. Matsuki gave Chisato art lessons for a while so the botanist's field notes could look a little nicer and to give her something to do, and as they kept talking, the two wound up being quite close friends and often hung out in the gardens together- Chisato had given her a tea set that she'd bought while working in England for a short while for her birthday, decorated with hand-painted illustrations of rabbits, which the painter loved, and filled the teapot with some of the pretty gemstones in her collection and the botanist wondered if she intended to keep it now. She wondered what would happen to her things now that she was gone, her research papers would probably go to Hikari and Naoto, but beyond that she didn't know what would happen. In between trying to answer her questions that she didn't know and hadn't asked yet and somehow tie things up before moving on to the other side, the thought of such an impossible task made Chisato want to cry, but for now, she felt exhausted.

Walking past Matsuki's room, she continued to her own room, where flowers were laid at her door, which was still locked as far as Chisato remembered. She walked through the door and sat down on her bed, staring blankly at the mirror which no longer held her reflection. She could remember how she'd stand in front of it to fix the ribbon in her hair or dance to whatever was playing on her stereo, but the room was quiet as the grave, and Chisato just flopped to one side and tried her best to sleep and forget any of this was happening at all.
Fluttering part 1
Basically, this is Hope's Twilight and ParadoxProphet'shrough the eyes of Chisato's ghost. I'll update this description tomorrow, it's late and I am so tired. XDD


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