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Alexithymia: The inability to identify emotions or express them in a verbal manner.
“So it’s settled then. We leave tomorrow night while everyone’s asleep. Remember to keep quiet about the whole thing. We’ll meet up in my dorm in twenty-four hours- make sure you’re ready.

“What do you think of all this, Tsuneo-kun?”

Tsuneo looked to his beloved, who was staring into her cup of tea. He’d been worried about Mika ever since they’d heard the horrible news about their families. She barely spoke now, responding in short sentences to things she often had more to say about- it didn’t sit right with him, but Tsuneo trusted that Mika was capable of keeping herself in check. She was a mortician after all; for her, death wasn’t just a part of everyday life, it was her life, and Mika had worked so hard to remove the stigma from other morticians and undertakers like herself, offering grief counselling and earning a reputation with some influential old families, much like the Kurenai clan, and now all her hard work was being made a mockery of by all this senseless death that surrounded the school. It was awful to hear all the accusations in the hallways of her being the source of the problem just because she worked with dead people.

“It’s madness, Lady Mika.” He reached over and held her hand. “Savagery and madness.”

“Yes, I suppose that is true.” Mika sighed. “How could anyone even think of doing something like this? All this death, all this despair- it’s unnatural. It’s not right.” She looked to him and squeezed his hand. “You’ve heard about Ikeda-san? Since Sasaki-san’s death, she hasn’t even been herself, the poor thing.”

Tsuneo nodded grimly. “I hear that she moans in the night.”

Mika shuddered. “She does. Sometimes I hear her singing a haunting melody. I fear she’s gone mad.”
“And yet Yamano-san tries to keep her safe,” Tsuneo finished, shaking his head. “I don’t think anyone has the heart to tell him it’s not worth the effort.”

The two were quiet before Mika spoke again. “Speaking of current happenings in the girls’ dormitories, have you spoken to Akamine-dono since the party?”

Tsuneo wanted to smack himself in the forehead. “No, no…with what has happened to you, I fear it slipped my mind.”

Mika actually giggled, the first giggle Tsuneo had heard from her since this mess began. “I’ll be fine, Tsuneo-kun. You shouldn’t just forget your friends simply because I am unwell. Akamine-dono needs all the support she can get after that mess with Tanaka-san and Princess Nevermind, after all.”

“Lady Mika…” Tsuneo went to object, but Mika was having none of it.

“Go. That’s an order.” She waved her hand dismissively. “Suzume will be here soon and I would rather you not be present while I take care of her.”

Figuring he didn’t really have an argument, Tsuneo stood and left. However, as he was heading towards Kumiko’s room, he had an idea as to how to cheer up his friend, and headed back to his room to grab something that he thought would help.


Kumiko rarely felt safe in her own room anymore. Headmaster Kirigiri might have had it all cleaned, but it didn’t change anything since she had learned the truth about Gundam and Sonia, no thanks to Nanase’s outburst- part of her wondered if Gundam had survived being chased by her, part of her hoped he’d gotten torn to shreds. Sitting on her bed with her knees tucked to her chest, Kumiko tried to hide her face and pretend the world wasn’t falling apart around her ears. Despite all her energy, she just wanted to hide here in the quiet of her room until Chiyo came to fetch her for dinner.

Suddenly, a knock came at the door. Kumiko was slightly surprised, seeing as it was still too early for dinner, and she eyed the door suspiciously. “Who is it?” She called.

The door opened, and a familiar tall figure appeared, scars and all. “Akamine-san,” Said Tsuneo. “Is now a bad time?”

“Tsun-tsun?” Kumiko stood up and tilted her head to the side. “But I thought you were too busy with Mikichi, you never visit me anymore!”

Tsuneo stepped inside and hesitated, then closed the door with his foot, looking a bit uncomfortable. “With the recent bombing, I was…worried, is all.” He sighed. “But Lady Mika suggested I come and see you. I heard about what happened to your room, and your comics, and then Tanaka…I should have been there sooner--”

The comic artist looked to one side. “It’s fine,” She sighed sadly. “I don’t wanna talk about him right now.”

“I understand.” Tsuneo reached into his hakama and brought out what looked like an American comic book. “I thought this might cheer you up a bit, so I want you to keep it.” He handed it to her with an earnest smile.

Kumiko carefully took the comic book from him, but her eyes widened to the size of dinner plates when she saw the cover. “Tsun-tsun!!” She gasped. “You’re not serious, are you?!”
Tsuneo nodded. “I have a feeling it’s better off in your hands. If anything happens to me, I don’t want the twins getting their hands on it.”

“But this is your super-super special awesome first edition copy of ‘The Killing Joke’!” Kumiko turned it around so Tsuneo could see. “You told me it cost you heaps and heaps of money to get this!!”

“And you told me you’d eventually give me a reason to give it to you.” Tsuneo chuckled. “But, I think after everything, you at least deserve something to make you happy. What are comic book buddies for?”

Kumiko looked up at him for a moment before her eyes filled with tears. She threw her arms around her friend’s middle and sobbed into his hakama. Tsuneo sighed and put his remaining arm around the shorter girl, and felt his ‘phantom’ limb do the same- he was never going to get used to it- though he tried to ignore the feeling so as to not worry Kumiko any further. Whatever happened next, Tsuneo felt confident enough that this would be enough to make her smile again- at least, for now.


Hikari was pretty surprised when Minoru asked her if she wanted to spend the day with him, but they had been having quite a lot of fun together, even if it was playing videogames and play-wrestling in between watching nature documentaries on TV. Minoru was already a bit roughed up where Hikari hadn’t been so gentle, but he seemed to smile through it all anyway. By now, Hikari had the boy pinned under him with a smirk on her face.

“Looks like I win again,” She said. “Seriously, dude, I could let you win at least one round if you’re getting tired of getting your ass handed to you.”

“No, no,” Minoru laughed breathlessly. “It wouldn’t be fair if you let me win.”

“You’re sure?”

“Yeah, totally sure.”

Hikari was starting to get the feeling that something was up. She let Minoru sit up properly, then put her arms around his middle and laid in his lap. “You know…for a guy with a next to non-existent backbone you seem a little too okay with me putting a few bruises and carpet burns on you.”

“It’s…like I said,” Minoru said with a smile, but it seemed sad. “I wanted to cheer you up by letting you decide what we do today. If that includes kicking me around, I won’t complain.”

“Uh-huh…” Hikari gave him a serious look. “Why don’t you tell me what’s really up, moron?”

Minoru hesitated, but then gave a soft chuckle. “Aww, Hikari-chan…are you that worried about me?”

Hikari blushed bright red and scowled. “Shut up! Stop dodging the question!”

Minoru just laughed and ran a hand through Hikari’s hair. “You worry too much. I’m fine, Hikari-chan, really!” He adjusted himself so Hikari’s arms were around his neck. “I’ll be okay. I just want you to be happy today.”

Hikari looked him in the eye, and though she wasn’t sure if he was telling the truth or not, she sighed. “You’re an idiot.”

“The day you don’t call me an idiot,” Said Minoru, “I’ll know something’s really wrong.”

Hikari rolled her eyes, but kissed him anyway. “…hey. Can I tell you something?” Minoru nodded. “Promise you won’t tell?”

“Of course I won’t.” Minoru made a zipping gesture across his lips. “You can trust me.”

The conservationist looked to one side. “Well…it’s just…I’m glad you asked me to be your girlfriend. I mean, Naoto-kun’s good company and all, but his mind’s been on his work since Chisato-chan…” She swallowed a lump in her throat. “Since she left us. With what happened to Yukari the other night, I don’t think I could have dealt with that alone.” She pulled him close. “I know I yell and call you an idiot, but…I really am glad that you’re with me. When we get out of this, I’ll…I’ll make you chicken pho- like my Mom used to! Sound good?”

Minoru went quiet for a while, but hugged Hikari tightly, trying to hide the tears that were gathering in his eyes. “Yeah…never had it before, but I’m sure however you make it is fine.”

Hikari pulled away and saw Minoru’s tears, carefully cupping his cheeks so she could brush them away. “Are you okay?” She asked.

Minoru tried to smile, but it just wasn’t working. “S-sorry,” He stammered. “It…it’s just everything’s gotten me really stressed and…”

“Minoru Yoshihara getting stressed?” Hikari gave a good-natured smirk. “Wow, stop the fucking presses. Hey, come on, idiot, we’re gonna make it through this, yeah?” Minoru looked like he was trying to say something and instead started to sob, and Hikari pulled him back into her arms. “Hey, why’re you crying…?” She asked. Part of her was starting to hurt, and she could feel tears welling up in her own eyes. “Stop, would ya? You’re making me cry, too!”

“I’m sorry!” Minoru wailed. “I’m so sorry!”

“Stop apologising, idiot!!”

“How can I not?!” He squeezed her a bit. “Everything’s gone to hell! I’m scared, I don’t know where my family is, and I only just got to be with you after all this time! What if I lose you, too?!” He continued to blabber incoherently before Hikari decided she’d had enough. She broke out of his grip and slapped him hard across the face, and Minoru could only sit there in shock. Hikari’s hand was shaking.

“That hurt,” She growled. “But it’s not just my hand that hurts.”

“Wh…what do you mean?” The veterinarian stared at her. “Y-you just slapped me!”

“Well why don’t you hit back and see what I mean, then?!”


“I’ve been in enough fights, now hit me!”

With some hesitation, Minoru pulled his hand back and struck Hikari across the face. She growled, but the conservationist didn’t do much else, and the two went quiet before Minoru spoke again. “Y-you’re right...” He sighed. “It…isn’t just my hand that hurts, either.” He rubbed his eyes and sniffled. “So…you just wanted to do that because we both need to slap some sense into each other?”

Hikari smacked herself in the forehead. “No, you idiot,” She sighed. “Okay, well, sorta, but that’s not the point. I get that you miss your family. I miss mine, too. Heck, the old man could have fallen down a fucking crevasse for all I know. But what good is crying and falling apart going to do?” She took his hand. “Look. I get it, you need to fall apart, but you’re not making a lot of sense. Where do you get off thinking you’re gonna lose me?” She grinned. “You’re stuck with me, moron! Even if we have nothing else in the world, we’ll still have each other. Got it?”

In the end, the two ended up washing their faces and walked hand-in-hand to the dining hall, then, afterwards, Minoru walked Hikari back to her room, the conservationist now tired from eating so much. He helped her into bed, then sat at her bedside. “You gonna be okay?” He asked.

Hikari nodded. “Hey, Minoru-kun…?”


“Can you stay? Just until I fall asleep?”

Minoru chuckled. “Aww, that’s so cute of you.” He ran a hand over her hair. “Sure thing. Want me to sing, too?”

Hikari snorted. “Since when could you sing?” Minoru shrugged. “Okay, whatever. If you want to.”

She made herself comfortable, and after a while of Minoru running a hand through her hair and humming softly, she finally drifted off to sleep.
”Are you sure we can’t take just one more person?”

“I know how you feel, but it just isn’t going to work.”

“But I---!”

“I know who you’re talking about. I’m sorry, but no.”

“…I know how you feel. There was someone I wanted to take, too. But we really can’t stay.”


Hikari woke the next morning to find Minoru gone and someone frantically banging down her door and shouting for her to answer, their voice almost completely drowned out by the panicked shouts outside. A stone dropped in her gut- had someone else been killed while they'd all been sleeping? Immediately, Hikari jumped out of bed and crossed over to the door, almost throwing it open. Aoi Asahina stood on the other side with Sakura Oogami behind her, the swimmer's hair dishevelled and her eyes wide with panic, though she looked relieved.

"Oh, thank god, you're still here," She sighed. "You weren't answering your door, I was starting to worry!"

"What's going on here?" Asked Hikari. "Was someone killed?"

"Class 79 completely disappeared last night," Said Oogami. "Did Minoru Yoshihara tell you anything?"

Hikari's stomach bottomed out, her eyes wide as she shook her head and opened her mouth to answer when an aguished cry echoed from down the hallway. The three of them hurried towards the source of the noise, coming to a halt outside Shizuka Matsuki's room, where Kiyotaka Ishimaru was on his knees with her pillow tightly clutched in his arms as he cried. Mondo Oowada stood not too far away in silent support and turned to face the girls with a solemn shake of his head.

"Matsuki's gone," He told them. "We searched the whole school, we couldn't find her or her classmates."

"They couldn't have just left!" Exclaimed Hikari. "How the hell did they get out without anyone..." She trailed off for a moment before she gave an annoyed growl. She hadn't noticed the tears starting to form on her own face as she raced off through the school in her pyjamas towards the boys' dormitories. Eventually, she came to a skidding halt outside Minoru's room, her hands gripping the doorway before she grabbed the doorhandle and threw it open, but Minoru was nowhere to be seen. His room was a total mess, but not in the sense of a ransacking, more like he'd been in a hurry to pack, and as she took step after shaking step into the room, she noticed a letter on his desk and quickly snatched it up. Carefully folded with her name written in that near-perfect handwriting of his, she unfolded it and read it.

'Hikari-chan,' It read, 'I'm sorry I didn't tell you I was leaving. We were all sworn to secrecy about it, but believe me, I wanted to tell you, and now all I can tell you is that you need to do the same. Chiyo predicted that the school will become a 'centre of death', or so she called it, and I can't imagine you getting caught up in it- take whoever you have left and run before it's too late! I know I may never see you again, but I won't ever forget you and I'll always look forward to the day that I wake to see you again. I'm so sorry, Hikari-chan. Goodbye. -Minoru.' Hikari let her tears fall as her shaking hands brought the letter to her lips and sank to her knees. Things had just taken a dark turn for the worst, and if the Super High School Level Medium had predicted that people were going to die, then Hikari was starting to think it wise that she took Minoru's warning to heart- and with good timing: She was told not long after that Shiori Ikeda had committed suicide.
Hope's Twilight 8

...I'm very tired. Prophet's probably gonna have Bedtime.

Dangan Ronpa (c) Spike Chunsoft
Kumiko Akamine, Minoru Yoshihara (c) ParadoxProphet
All other characters are (c) D-Chan416
Venomcowl wasn't surprised when she noticed she was being followed. The Dancimator some several feet behind her had been following for a while; Probably one of the Courtesan's. She almost laughed at how much of a ridiculous idea it was to try to tail a master assassin, had she not been in public. If the Dancimator could be lost in the crowd that had gathered in the marketplace, she wouldn't have to deal with it, which was what she hoped for. Venomcowl had other things to deal with- one of those being the information she'd beat out of Tornveil. Evesdropping on a few people would be enough to see if her friend had, indeed, fled into the woods, but her 'tail' needed to be cut first- and the literal sense sounded a whole lot easier than the proverbial sense and considerably more convenient. With good time, Venomcowl managed to lose the Dancimator in the crowd and headed for the rooftops and got the information she needed, but the Dancimator managed to start tailing her again as she started to head towards the outskirts of town, joined by two others. This was amusing, in a sense; they all probably knew how foolish this was when she could easily kill them all, but not here where people could see. Clever, yes, but not clever enough.

She led the Dancimators into a secluded place, and a bloodbath ensued. She killed two of them, but the one who had initially been following her- that one Venomcowl left alive. The Dancimator trembled, her blade shattered beneath the assassin's boot as Venomcowl hauled her up by the collar of her dress. "Now, to what do I owe this pleasure?" Asked Venomcowl, bringing her hidden blade to the Dancimator's throat. "Speak- your words may be your last if they are useless to me."

"I-i-it was Tornveil!" The Dancimator sputtered fearfully. "She sent us to kill you!"

"Of course." The assassin sighed. "I suppose this is in relation to Countess Blankeye's disappearence, then. How much do you know of this?"

"N-nothing, I don't know anything!"

"Are you so sure?" Venomcowl pressed her blade to the Dancimator's neck. "I'm not so sure you're giving me the whole story. I recall seeing someone who looked like you rooting around in Blankeye's hive not too long ago."

"W-we were sent by Tornveil to look for any reason to believe Blankeye was with someone else, b-but it seemed unlikely..." The Dancimator gulped, and the action made the assassin's blade press harder into her throat for a moment. "U-u-until we heard the rumours that she had a friend amongst the Brotherhood! And that's as much as I know, I swear!"

"And does Tornveil still think Blankeye has fled to the woods?"

The Dancimator nodded frantically. "Yes! We found the Countess' blood in the woods, but she could have been eaten and--!" Venomcowl's blade pierced the Dancimator's throat before she let her collapse in a heap at her feet, spasming in her death throes while the assassin phased into the shadows and reappeared upon the rooftop above. Her eyes turned to the woodlands beyond, and she made a point to search the woods soon. She knew that Executioner Darkleer's hive resided somewhere in the woods- perhaps he could have seen Blankeye, and hopefully hadn't killed her. The assassin began her journey into the woods, her mind buzzing with theories, but her thoughts kept returning to the possibility that her friend could be dead by now. She couldn't lose the only ally she had. Blankeye would be expecting Venomcowl to save her, or at least come after her if she was still alive, but either way, she would bring her friend home.

It had happened so fast, and Venomcowl had been away from the city at the time on another mission that involved assisting Neophyte Redglare and crossing paths with Orphaner Dualscar. She hadn't expected to be away so long, and she returned to find Blankeye's hive had been ransacked and its occupant gone, so in part, Venomcowl blamed herself. She should have been there to protect Blankeye when she needed her most, but it mattered very little now. What was done was done and could not be undone, but if Venomcowl could act quick enough, perhaps Blankeye's fate may yet still be mitigated.
A Slight Hindrance
I certainly took my bloody time with this. This is a response fic to the second part of ParadoxProphet's "Paint Stained Roses" and a sequel to "Shadow's Wrath". Venomcowl's not dealing with anymore of Tornveil's nonsense.

Homestuck (c) Andrew Hussie
Blankeye and Tornveil (c) ParadoxProphet
Contessa Venomcowl (c) D-Chan416
The sudden rapping on the door that rainy night was what woke Chisato from sleep to check the clock. It was almost two in the morning- who their right mind would be up at this hour? Rising from sleep, putting on her glasses and pulling her nightgown around herself, Chisato padded out to the living room to answer the persistant knocking.

"Yes, yes," She called, being careful not to wake her grandfather. "I'm coming." She unlocked and slid back the door, and was shocked to see a familiar face on the other side. Standing on her doorstep, drenched by the rain and smelling of alcohol, was Mondo Oowada.

"Hey," He said, his voice sounding tired. "Did…did I wake you up? Sorry…"

"What are you doing here?" She asked. "You're miles out from Hope's Peak or Tokyo without your gang--"

"I had to see you." Mondo looked her in the eye, and Chisato could see that he'd been holding back tears. "Can I come in?"

Chisato nodded. Mondo clumsily took off his shoes and coat and stumbled inside to sit down while she fetched him a towel and a blanket and brewed them a pot of green tea. After she'd poured them both a cup and set one in Mondo's hands, she sat down across from him, finally ready to hear what he had to say.

"Better?" She asked. Mondo nodded. "Good. Now, tell me what's going on."

Mondo sighed and stared into his cup and fell silent again for a while before he choked out a sob and covered his face with his hand. Chisato moved to sit beside him, placing a hand on his arm and rubbing it soothingly. She didn't dare to speak, it wasn't the time, but she couldn't hide her shock when the bosōzoku suddenly threw his arms around her and held her close.

"It hurts," He whispered hoarsely. "I c-couldn't take it anymore, I had to come and find ya…"

"What are you talking about?" Chisato asked, carefully returning the embrace. "Oowada-kun, what happened?"

"A lot of stuff's catchin' up with me, an'…an' I…!" Mondo let a few more choked sobs before he was a crying mess in her arms. Chisato started getting him to try and get some tea down to sober up a bit, and soon it all just came spilling out. Tonight, two years ago, Mondo's brother, Daiya, died saving his life. Mondo told her the whole story, about how the brothers had been abandoned by their parents, how he'd wanted to be so much like Daiya, to be as much of a man as he was, and how that ambition got Daiya killed when it should have been him. "It's all my fault!" Mondo cried. "I fucking killed my own brother! The guys would kill me if I told 'em!"

Chisato couldn't believe her ears. "That's not…Oowada-kun, it's not your fault--!"

Mondo held her just a bit tighter. "And the worst part is, what if I get you killed, too?!" Chisato went quiet at this. She and Oowada had been close friends for a good while now, but why was he so scared of losing her? Mondo pulled away and held both her hands in his. "I…I know I ain't rich…or anythin', really…I ain't even as brave as you…but I…I got a heart…so that's somethin', I guess…"

"What are you trying to say?" Chisato looked up at him, all his hair hanging down, the hairspray having melted in the rain while his eyes, tired, sore and sad, stared back at her.

"Ya prolly don' wanna hear it…"

"Yes, I do. You're the one who said you had to see me, after all. Now just say it already…!"

Mondo went quiet again, his silence lasting much longer this time as he stared down at their hands as if studying them. "I…I guess I'm tryin' to say…I love you."

Chisato was speechless.

"I know yer prolly still gettin' over that Komaeda guy," Mondo continued. "I don't even care if ya don't feel the same, I just…I just wanted you to know I love you. I loved our short talks when we met, I love listenin' to ya talk about flowers n' stuff, 'cuz I love seein' you smile…and seein' ya so happy makes me just…" He looked away, his face bright red (either from alcohol or nervousness), and said no more for a while. The two sat there, listening to the rain pouring outside as the sound filled the silence between them. Chisato started to think now, her heart pounding in her chest. Ever since she'd broken up with Komaeda, Mondo had been there for her, walked her to her classes and sat with her at meal times and even studied with her sometimes, and their short chats had become full-blown conversations about all sorts of things, and it had impacted their behaviours- Mondo smiled a lot more, and Chisato had found herself being a lot more social and open than she had been while having to deal with Komaeda, or so her friends had pointed out recently. Kiyotaka Ishimaru even came up to her and thanked her for brightening his friend's recent black moods, so it was at least now that Chisato had started to understand why.

Truth be told, she had to admit that she'd developed feelings for Mondo that were more than what was required of their usual amiable companionship. If the occasional moments where she'd grabbed onto his sleeve out of nervousness wasn't enough, she'd been giggling to her friend Matsuki about how his canines looked like little fangs when he was grinning and how he was always so happy and carefree whenever they hung out together. Now there was a confession being thrown into the mix and Chisato didn't even have the chance to consult any of her friends about it- not at this time of night, at least- but Chisato did care about Mondo very much. He'd made her laugh, made her smile, helped her to avoid trouble while walking to classes, listened when she needed someone to listen, been there when she needed someone to be there. It wasn't even pity she felt for this sad, drunken creature in front of her- her heart was taking the lead, and she knew how she felt now that his feelings had been made clear.


"Mm?" Mondo didn't even look up at her. He was exhausted, and Chisato couldn't help but wrap her arms around him.

"I love you, too."

Mondo went quiet again before he wrapped his arms around the botanist and held her close, and Chisato could see him smiling before he leaned in a bit and gently pressed his lips against hers. It was short and he tasted of beer, but sweet and honest, and Chisato returned the gesture in kind all the same. Deciding they'd been up late enough, the botanist led Mondo through the house to her room, where she set up a spare futon for him to sleep on that she pushed up next to her own, and the two were soon all tucked under the blankets. Chisato's hand slipped into Mondo's with a tired smile. "Goodnight, Oowada-kun."


Morning came with the worst headache Mondo Oowada had ever had, so he was thankful the room was well-shaded and that he was in a warm bed, even if he didn't know where he was. Where was soon sorted out- he remembered bits and pieces of the night before and came to the conclusion that he was at his friend Chisato's house in a small village outside the Numata district. He also remembered that he'd confessed his feelings to said friend and suddenly felt like an idiot. He'd been waiting for the right time to tell her, but the biker guessed that all the alcohol he'd tried to drown his guilt in had decided last night was as good as time as any. He could barely remember her response, though- he just remembered a hug and a 'good night' before crashing.

A tiny, sleepy mumble alerted Mondo to the presence of another person sleeping in the room, and he suddenly looked down to see Chisato Ueda happily curled up in his arms. Panic rose up in his chest, but it kicked memory back into gear- she'd returned his feelings and then set up a bed for him to sleep in. As for her being so close right now, it was most likely that maybe they'd just wound up wriggling their way into the other's arms. Sighing softly, Mondo pressed his lips to Chisato's forehead before he closed his eyes again. He could hear his phone buzzing on the other side of the room (either his gang or Ishimaru wanting to know where he was), but it could wait- he and Chisato had a few things to talk about once the botanist decided to wake up, and he wanted to enjoy this morning while he still could.
Need You Now
So ParadoxProphet found a prompt on otpprompts ( and we were talking about how this was probably how Mondo would confess to Chisato. So yeah, self-indulgent fic.

Dangan Ronpa and all associated characters (c) Spike Chunsoft
Chisato Ueda (c) D-Chan416


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